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Ms Harmony


Miss Harmony fell in love with English learning at age 12. She hated English up until then. At the time, her English level was equivalent to a second grader. What inspired her to learn English was her love for reading. At age 12, she simply wanted to be able to read an English novel (which had a cover that any little girl would love).


Because her parents never tried to make her learn English, she was allowed the time and space to discover the joy of learning and realized that it is an essential tool in satisfying her curiosity.


She has since understood the power of self-motivated learning. She now speaks 4 languages including Japanese and English fluently. She was able to get perfect scores in most of her language fluency tests (such as JLPT-N1 and TOEFL-iBT) without doing any exam-oriented preparations.


Miss Harmony believes it is better to inspire children to embark on a journey on how to satisfy their curiosity thirst rather than trying to teach them English. They will end up learning more than just a language.

Ms Harmony Yen.png
  • 溫哥華電影學院: “Acting for Film + Television”畢業

  • 加拿大 National Voice Intensive 畢業生

  • TOFEL iBT: Speaking/Listening滿分

  • 日本同志社大學 文學部 英文學科

  • 日本同志社大學 日本語文化文憑

  • 現任家點愛課程推廣及學前班英文科導師

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