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Miss Jessica Mellen


I’m Miss Jessica who loves to see children be able to learn, grow and become amazing children.

My motto is Infinite Creativity.

Every child has a purpose and talents in his/her life with many challenges and opportunities that each child has to face!
Challenges and obstacles are part of life! So I love to guide them through this journey and let the children use their imagination creativity to overcome obstacles and become amazing kids.


Birthday: 28/12

Interests: Singing, travelling, hiking and enjoying every part of my life !


The Open University of Hong Kong      
--Certificate in Early Child Phycology                           
Canadian Global International

The Handle Institute                                     
--Certificate for Nero
Development for learning deficiency

Having around 20 years of experience in the education sector in Hong Kong.
No matter it is kindergarten, primary school, educational institutions, international or local school, Jessica has been working in all aspects of education.

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